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What are the basic principles of slope greening?

ecological bag (4).jpg

Ecological slope protection can be divided into soil ecological slope protection and rock slope ecological protection according to the soil condition.

The key to ecological protection of rock slope is to create favorable conditions for vegetation growth.

Ecological slope protection must consider the stability and safety of the slope, the choice of vegetation should be in harmony with the surrounding environment, and consider the ecological, morphological and regional nature of plants.

In principle, it is suitable for the local climate conditions and soil conditions, and has strong resistance, rapid growth, strong self-propagation ability, adapt to extensive management, and simple management in the future.

As an environmental protection technology, slope greening adheres to the following principles:


 (1) Safety principle: afforest the slope to ensure the stability of the slope and, at the same time, consider the protection of the slope.


(2) Coordination principle: the slope greening is coordinated with the surrounding environment.


(3) The principle of convenience: make the slope afforestation once and for all.

Avoid future manual maintenance and management.


(4) Principle of economy: Consider appropriate greening methods and make them economically reasonable.

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