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HDPE geomembrane product testing and repair

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1. The operator of the welder shall indicate the welder and his/her name and welding time beside the welded specimen and welding seam.


2. The project manager or construction team leader shall make the construction log during the construction process.


3. The detection shall be carried out according to three steps, namely visual detection, aeration detection and destruction test.


4. Visual inspection is mainly to lay the appearance of geomembrane, weld quality, T-shaped welding, base debris and other detailed inspection, all the construction personnel should be carried out in the entire construction process.


5. In addition to visual inspection, all welds should also be subjected to vacuum inspection, and self-inspection should be strengthened on the parts that cannot be subjected to vacuum inspection.


6. The aeration strength of the aeration pressure test is 0.25mpa with no air leakage for 5 minutes. Considering that the coil is soft and easily deformed, the pressure is allowed to drop by 20%


7. In the tension test of the sample block taken on the double-track weld, the standard is that the weld is not torn apart but the mother is torn and pulled during the stripping and shear test. At this time, the welding is qualified; if the sample is not qualified, two more blocks should be taken from the original weld.


8. Send qualified samples to the employer, general contractor and relevant units for archiving.


9. Defects found in visual inspection, aeration detection and damage test should be repaired in a timely manner. Those that cannot be repaired immediately should be marked to prevent omission during repair.


10. The appearance inspection shows that there are holes and other defects on the g eomembrane surface and in the case of leakage welding, virtual welding and damage in the welding process, the fresh base material should be used to repair in time and each side of the scar should exceed 10-20cm of the damaged part.

And keep records.


11. For the repaired welds, a detailed visual inspection is generally required to confirm the repair is reliable before release.

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