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Construction Cases of Ecological Bags Applied to Dams

The ecological bag accessories need to be combined with engineering buckles, connecting buckles, tie lines or tie belts, and combined with grilles, barbed wire and other constructions according to engineering requirements; ecological bags are used in slope structures, due to their internal locking structure and auxiliary reinforcement. Geotechnical materials such as grids allow the slope to be built freely from 45° to 90°, and also enable the backfill slope to bear the load. Combined with the greening scheme, the slope is almost ecological.


The material used in the production of ecological bags is deep-processed high-molecular polypropylene. Foreign data confirms that the service life is more than 100 years, but it is actually used in China. According to the engineers of Lingxiang ecological bag manufacturers, it has a history of more than 6 years, and most of them have investigated The case proves that there is a certain promotion effect;

In slope engineering, as a new material, ecological bags can completely replace materials such as stone and cement, which can greatly reduce engineering costs. The slope after construction has a surface that can be covered by vegetation, so that the excavated slope can achieve the effect of greening and form a natural ecological slope. It has the filtering function of permeable and impervious soil. The slope formed in this way is highly permeable, and has a strong protective and stabilizing effect on soil loss, local mud (soil) rock flow, slope collapse, etc., and can become a permanent high stability. natural slope.

Application field

  Ecological restoration

1. Both sides of the river: a natural riparian environment where humans and wildlife coexist

2. Re-greening of mines: comprehensive utilization of gangue, scientific remediation of subsidence areas, greening of barren mountains, purification of water and gas, creating a new era of ecological restoration of mines and re-greening of barren mountains.

3. Sea and lake shores, landslide control, culvert mouths, drainage ditches, soil erosion, irrigation systems, etc.

4. Constructed wetlands: ecological restoration

5. roof greening


1. Road slope protection: railway and highway slope protection, suitable for excavation slopes and fill slopes.

2. River and lake slope protection: suitable for slopes of rivers, lakes and reservoirs.

3. Special applications: military facilities and flood control emergency, bunkers, flood control dams, etc.

Landscaping and Residential

1. Vertical greening, garden art;

2. Commercial residential quarters;

3. Roof garden-style greening.

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