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Fiberglass Geogrid-Application in Urban Roads

Fiberglass geogrid is an excellent geosynthetic material used for pavement reinforcement, old road reinforcement, roadbed reinforcement and soft soil foundation. It is an important material in the treatment of reflective cracks in asphalt pavements. This product is a semi-rigid product made of high-strength alkali-free glass fiber through the warp knitting process to make a mesh base material and surface coating. It has high tensile strength and low elongation in the warp and weft directions, and has excellent properties such as high heat resistance, low cold resistance, and corrosion resistance, airport runway, sand control and other engineering projects.Ha86563402238473b838b073ee6227bca5.png

Application and construction technology of glass fiber geogrid in urban roads:

With the rapid development of my country's economy and the increase of foreign exchanges, great progress has also been made in the construction of urban infrastructure. The formation of each road trunk line will herald the emergence of a new economic growth point, which plays an important role in driving the economic development of the city and surrounding areas. How to prolong the service life of urban roads, reduce the occurrence of road diseases (such as cracks, network cracks, vertical and horizontal cracks, and congestion), reduce the maintenance cost of urban roads, and give full play to its due role is a vast project engaged in municipal engineering construction. An important topic urgently needed by technicians. From March to November 1999, a new type of composite fiberglass geogrid was used in the construction of the road widening project of Pingyang South Road, Taiyuan City, a key project of the city, with a total area of 4400 square meters, which fundamentally solved the connection between the old and new roads in the construction of the road widening project. This construction technical problem has eradicated the resulting pavement diseases, achieved good social and economic benefits, and has high promotion and application value.

Overview of fiberglass geogrid Fiberglass geogrid has been widely used abroad, especially in Europe, America and Japan, and has a history of decades. It is widely involved in road construction, railway construction, reservoir dams, underground engineering construction and many other fields. . However, due to the limitation of the concept, the application in my country, especially in road construction, is still very narrow, and it is basically a blank. This new type of composite material not only has high quality and low price, but also has the outstanding advantages of reducing road maintenance costs and extending the road. Service life, reducing the occurrence of road surface diseases. Road special glass fiber geogrid is a new type of excellent base material for reinforcing road pavement. After surface treatment, it has high alkali resistance and can be used in the construction of asphalt concrete pavement and cement concrete pavement. Compared with the pavement of traditional structure, it can reduce the project cost and maintenance cost, and prolong the service life of the road. Effectively prevent road reflection cracks, cracks, network cracks and other common quality problems.

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